You are currently viewing Job Vacancies For Saudi Amantit

Job Vacancies For Saudi Amantit

Job Vacancies For Saudi Amantit
Job Vacancies For Saudi Amantit

Job Vacancies For Saudi Amantit

Client Interview On 11th, 12th June 2024

 If you are interested, please forward your CV to [email protected]

Positions :

  1. Chemical Technician
  2. Coupling Milling Operators
  3. Grp Continue Winding Machine Operator
  4. Grp Pipe Laminator
  5. Pipe Calibration Operators
  6. Pipe Hydrotest Operator
  7. Production Coordinator
  8. Assist Fabrication Supervisor
  9. Assistant Machine Operator
  10. Assistant Plant Mechanic
  11. Canal Operator
  12. Core Making Operator
  13. Finishing Coordinator
  14. Fittings & Valves Skilled Labor
  15. Flang Fabricator
  16. Flange Laminator
  17. Mixer Operator
  18. Foundry Coordinator
  19. Glass Cutting Operator
  20. Lath Machine Operator
  21. Payloader Operator
  22. Casting Machine Operator
  23. Cement Lining Operator
  24. Re-chamfering Operator
  25. Charging Machine Operator
  26. Melting Furnace Operator
  27. Cnc Machine Operator
  28. Machine Operator
  29. Machinist
  30. Magnesium Treatment Operator
  31. Magnet Crane Operator
  32. Maintenance Coordinator
  33. Mitered Fittings Controller
  34. Molding Technicians
  35. Pattern Maker
  36. Production Supervisor
  37. Civil Supervisor
  38. Quality Control Inspector
  39. Quality Control Process Inspector
  40. Quality Control Supervisor
  41. Quality Control Visual Inspector
  42. Relining Operator
  43. Shake-out Machine Operator
  44. Shipping & Yard Skilled Labor
  45. Zinc Coating Machine Operator
  46. Socket Operator
  47. Spigot Operator
  48. Liquid Crane Operator
  49. Charge Crane Operator
  50. Forklift Operator
  51. Pipe Finishing Supervisor
  52. Pipe Laminator
  53. Pipe Manufacturing Crew Leader
  54. Pipe Manufacturing Skille
  55. Plant Electrician
  56. Plant Electrician
  57. Plant Mechanic
  58. Varnishing Machine Operator
  59. Varnishing Supervisor
  60. Visual Inspector
  61. Warehouse Skilled Labor
  62. Welder
  63. Welder/scrap Cutter
  64. Welder/steel Fabricator
  65. Ac Technician
  66. Testing Technician
  67. Coating Technician
  68. Assembly Technician

Tel: 0484 4858044, 45, 47, 2381849, 2374951

How To Apply : Prospective candidates with relevant experience are invited to reach out to the branch office directly or submit their CV via email. Please ensure that your application includes a valid contact number, experience certificates, as well as copies of your passport and photo. When sending your application via email, kindly mention the job title in the subject line. Additionally, please provide your Skype and Zoom IDs in the CV for smooth online interview coordination. We look forward to receiving your applications.

Read the ad to know more about the vacancies and the qualifications / Experience reqd. | Read the Ad carefully before you apply.

Note: Avoid making any advance payments to recruiters. Only proceed with payments after visa processing. Our platform is not engaged in any aspect of the recruitment process. We strongly advise applicants to thoroughly research the credibility of prospective employers and independently verify the authenticity of recruiters before making any financial transactions with them.

If you have any friends, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances who will be matching the profile, we request you to please share these details to them.

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